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Pay-As-You-Go Service




Licking Valley Rural Electric’s Prepay Service (“Prepay”) is an optional rider to Rate Schedule A – Residential, Farm, Small Community Hall and Church Service as defined by the Cooperative.



All Rate Schedule A – Residential, Farm, Small Community Hall and Church services, excluding accounts on Levelized/Fixed Budget, Automatic Bank Draft, Net Metering, accounts greater than 200 Amp Service and three-phase accounts within the territory served by Licking Valley Electric.



            Consumer Facility Charge:                                                       $      9.32   ($0.3107 per day)

            Energy Charge per kWh:                                                          $       0.09355

            Prepay Service Fee:                                                                 $      3.00    ($0.10 per day)



Members who qualify as defined above in “Availability” may choose to voluntarily enroll their electric account(s) in the Prepay service and are subject to the following:


  1. Each member electing Prepay will be subject to all other applicable rules and regulations which apply to members using the residential tariff, without the Prepay rider.


  1. Members should have internet access or the ability to receive electronic communications, including texting services to participate in the voluntary Prepay service.


  1. Any member choosing to enroll in Prepay shall sign a Prepay Service Agreement (“Agreement”).  The Agreement shall remain in effect until the member notifies Licking Valley Electric, in writing, to cancel the Agreement.


  1. Upon written cancellation of the Agreement, the member shall be subject to the conditions of the applicable tariff, without the Prepay rider.  In accordance with Licking Valley Electric’s current Rules and Regulations, this may require a security deposit to be paid by the member at the time of cancellation of the Prepay service.


  1. Any special equipment issued to the member for participation in Prepay shall be returned in good working condition by the member.  Refusal by the member to return the equipment shall result in replacement cost of the equipment being charged to the member.


  1. The Consumer Facility Charge and Energy Charge will be the same as Licking Valley Electric’s applicable residential tariff.  The Energy Charge per kWh will be calculated and deducted from the member’s account on a daily basis.  The Consumer Facility Charge and Prepay Service Fee will be pro-rated and deducted from the member’s account on a daily basis.


  1. The Fuel Cost Adjustment and Environmental Surcharge will be charged or credited to the account daily.  The Fuel Adjustment and Environmental Surcharge will be the rates in effect for the time of update.


  1. The Prepay account will not be subject to deposits, late fees, disconnect fees, and reconnect fees.


  1. At the time Prepay is activated for an account, the initial purchase is recommended to be a minimum of $100.00.  Purchases beyond the point of activation will be at an increment of the member’s choosing, with a minimum purchase being $20.  Members may apply funds to their prepay account(s) by most methods as post pay and include the following:  credit card, debit card, check and cash.  Payment can be made via the website, phone, smart phone application  and in person at one of Licking Valley’s offices.  Payment methods are listed on Licking Valley Electric’s website,


  1. When an existing member selects to participate in Prepay and has a security deposit on file, the deposit and any accumulated interest will not be refunded.  The deposit will be converted into a credit on the Prepay account going forward.  No crediting of the deposit to the Prepay account shall occur if the deposit is needed to cover a pre-existing indebtedness by the member or the member has another account(s) which does not have a satisfactory credit history, the remaining credit will be transferred as a deposit to the unsecured account(s).


  1. If a member who has not participated in Prepay is disconnected for non-payment, the member may request to be reconnected and enrolled in Prepay.  If the member is unable to pay the account balance in full for the disconnected account, a payment plan whereby future purchases for Prepay will be split 70/30 until the old debt is retired will be established.  Seventy percent (70%) of the payments will be applied to new purchases and thirty percent (30%) will be applied towards retirement of the previous balance minus any applicable deposit.


  1. A prior member, who previously received service from Licking Valley Electric and discontinued service without paying his/her final bill, (i.e. an uncollectible account/bad debt) will be required to pay the past due amount prior to establishing prepay service.  If the member is unable to pay the account balance in full, a payment plan whereby future purchases for Prepay will be split 50/50 until the old debt is retired will be established.  Fifty percent (50%) of the payments will be applied to new purchases and fifty percent (50%) will be applied towards retirement of the previous balance.


  1. Once an account is enrolled in Prepay, the account will no longer be eligible for additional payment arrangements.


  1. Financial assistance from community action or other agencies received for a Prepay account will be credited to the balance of the Prepay account upon receipt of a voucher or other supporting official documents of commitment from the agency providing assistance.


  1. When a Prepay account reaches a balance of $25.00, an automated message(s) will be processed and sent to the member and no written notice will be sent by mail.


  1. If a payment on a Prepay account is returned for any reason, the account is subject to the service fee as provided in Licking Valley Electric’s Rules and Regulations.


  1. Members presenting a Winder Hardship Reconnect, Certificate of Need or Medical Certificate as provided in 807 KAR 5:006, Sections 14, 15, and 16 will be removed from Prepay and the account will return to the status of a post-pay account.



  1. A monthly paper bill will not be mailed to a member who elects to participate in Prepay.  The member may view their Prepay account status on Licking Valley Electric’s website.  Based on the Prepay notification system, the account should not be eligible for past-due status, therefore; a delinquent notice will not be processed or mailed.


  1. A Prepay account will be disconnected if the balance of the account becomes negative.  The account will be disconnected regardless of weather/temperature as the member is responsible for ensuring that the Prepay account is adequately funded.  Licking Valley Electric discourages participation in the Prepay program if the member cannot ensure proper funding.


  1. If a Prepay account is disconnected due to lack of funds or any other reason, Licking Valley Electric shall be held harmless for any damages due to loss of energy service.  Likewise, if the account is disconnected and the member applied funds to the Prepay account thus causing the account to be reconnected, the member accepts full responsibility for any damages to the location caused by the account being reconnected and holds the Cooperative harmless from any damages arising from such a reconnection.


  1. Prepay accounts will be billed daily with a month-end billing being processed to finalize any applicable miscellaneous fees such as billing contracts, EnviroWatts, WinterCare,  etc.


  1. If a request is made to disconnect the service at a Prepay account, any remaining balance will be transferred to other active accounts, if applicable, or refunded in form of check.


  1. Should damage occur to the equipment as a result of malice or neglect by the member, the member shall be billed for the replacement cost of the equipment.


  1. Members may check the status of a Prepay account by utilizing Licking Valley Electric’s website or by calling the office at any time.


  1. Members enrolled in the Prepay program will receive one free transaction per month.  All other transactions will be charged $1.25 per transaction.





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