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HVAC Duct Seal Rebate

Section DSM – 9


HVAC Duct Sealing Program



The HVAC Duct Sealing Program offers blower door tests to evaluate and identify costly duct leaks and an incentive to seal leaking ductwork either with traditional mastic sealers or with the Aerosol duct-sealing program.  Duct losses are to be reduced to 10% or less, and duct loss measurement requires the use of a blower door test and the blower door subtraction method.




This program is available to residential members in all service territory served by Licking Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (Licking Valley RECC).




This program is targeted at any single-family or multi-family dwelling using an electric furnace or electric heat pump.  Eligibility requirements are:


  • Limited to homes that have centrally ducted heating systems in unconditioned areas, using only electricity as a fuel source.

  • Duct system must be 2 years old or older.

  • Initial duct leakage must test greater than 10% of the fan’s rated capacity.

  • Contractor or Co-op Representative are required to conduct a “pre” and “post” blower door test to verify reductions.Only contractors trained or approved by EKPC may be used.

  • Duct leakage per system must be reduced to below 10% of the fan’s rated capacity (assuming 400cfm per ton, ex. 2 ton system=800 cfm, thus duct leakage must be reduced to 80cfm or less). If duct system cannot be reduced to 10% of fan’ rated capacity, contractor is expected to provide a detailed justification.

  • All joints in the duct system must be sealed with foil tape and mastic.Foil tape alone does not qualify as properly sealing the duct system.

  • For homes that have tow separately ducted heat systems, each system will qualify independently for the incentive.




Licking Valley RECC will provide a $250 incentive to residential members (or contractor) that meets the Eligibility requirements listed above.




The program is an ongoing program.


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